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We all appreciate the convenience of making our travel arrangements from the comfort of our seats, but many of us have nagging doubts about how secure online booking and payment really is. Mmilo Tours appreciates that information security is critical to our clients and to our business. Therefore, when you purchase a Mmilo tour or arrangement over the World Wide Web ( the internet), the security of your information is protected during transmission with 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which scrambles, or encrypts, the information you send when your website browser connects with the website. SSL ensures that no one else can read or alter your information as it travels over the internet.

Both Visa and Mastercard, who to as 3 Domain Security ( 3D) MasterCard’s product is “SecureCode” and Visa’s is named “Verified by Visa.” The system authenticates the cardholder before the transaction takes place by diverting the browser to the bank that issued the card, who then requests a pin, a password or some secret from their cardholder that will prove without doubt that the person transacting online is actually the cardholder entitled to use the card. Once the issuing bank has conclusively verified the authenticity of the cardholder, it issues an authentication receipt which is then presented to the merchant’s bank ( in this case Mmilo Tours’ Bank ) along with the authorization request. Mmilo Tours has registered for enhance shopping on line, have developed an added layer of security to permit clients to make bookings, shop and pay online with a greater sense of ease. This technology is referred this additional layer of security with its bank to ensure that you, our clients, have peace of mind when making bookings and payment online. Our processing service provider ( payment gateway) is Virtual Card Services , is itself compliant and has been certified by both Mastercard and Visa for 3D-Secure Transactions with three of the four major banks in South Africa.

We take the utmost care with your personal information and, in this respect, are governed by the relevant South African legislation. If you would like further information on Mmilo Tours’ collection and use of information, please refer to our website Privacy Policy.

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